Oreos, Pigface, and relief from convention burnout

Ben Cohen, the Ben of Ben & Jerry's, made a little cartoon to educate us about the federal budget. Mmmm, Oreos.

My friend Brian sent me an email last night about a Pigface song that spoke to him. Excerpt:

I was just listening to Pigface's "Notes From Thee Underground"
(1994, Invisible Records); and the lyrics to "Your Own You Own" caught my attention. The lyrics are by a guest vocalist, Genesis P-Orridge, lead singer for Psychic TV.

I wonder how long I've been a Libertarian? I was a Pigface fan long before this CD came out - but something about THIS song always overwhelmed me. Well...Enjoy. Another reason to love this acid-industrial crew outta Chicago!


for 23 years we've told you to beware
to be aware
before awake
your freedoms are being eroded [x2]
your needs blocked [x2]
your freedoms are being eroded
your needs blocked
your sexuality legislated
your dreams your right to dreams, stolen [stolen!
stolen! stolen! stolen!]
you are being criminalized
you are being reposesed
your being digitized for ease ov location
your breath thee breath ov youth is being polluted
[provication! [x4]]
your own you own
your very own
your own you own
your brains are being polluted, poisoned, and
fragmented by fear
not your fear [x3]
your own you own [x10]
you only run free
as ov this day
you do not have the right to socialize
your own you own [i lost count, i'd say 30]
or criticise, or analyse, or fantasise, or politicise,
or publisice
or subsidise, or visualise, or conceptualise, or
realise anything!

Also, for those of you burnt out on the taxpayer-funded parties that are the RNC and DNC conventions, equal opportunity satire courtesy of Mark Fiore:

The Republican Games

The Democratic Convention Game

A pox on both their houses, vote Michael Badnarik. Remember, he's not Bush either.

Yours truly,
Mr. X


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