Weekend Recap

Red dress, party, car break down, new car purchase, tired.

Yours truly,
Mr. X



Jim said...

Any of the ARO crew at the Red Dress?

Nice Car! Congrats. What color did you get? Manual/Auto? Too bad you were forced into it though.


Mr. X said...

All the ARO crew seem to have gotten out of hashing, more's the pity.

Brilliant Black, 6-spd manual (238hp!).

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...when are you hashing...

Jim said...

I finally hired some help at the J.O.B., so after I get them up to speed (couple-a months), I'd really like to come down again.

I'm currently half-assed house hunting. I think there's an immature part of me that is kinda stalling on it. Big move!

I am looking forward to it though. Beats paying rent, and I won't have nosy landlords anymore.